Friday, September 25, 2009

Australia: Where my unfinished business is at.

29. Place yourself.
create maps with any context you like

This work in progress is my map of the stuff I haven't done around Australia yet. One of the most shameful thing about Australians is that we don't do enough exploring of our own beautiful country. For some reason we all pack up and go to Europe, when we have so much to explore right here.

I can totally see myself travelling the country in a camper van, checking out all of the freakin' gorgeous places along the way. One day, one day...

View Where my unfinished business is in a larger map

Or link to:,135.878906&spn=45.179191,69.785156&z=4&msid=105512332884980301835.0004746f9168924009d44

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