Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning with Heaven

6. Count your blessings.
Think about what's going right in your life, in your day, or just in general.

I woke up before him. He'd come in bed with me through the night, and the sight of him sleeping in the morning was nothing short of breathtaking. His skin is delectable. His face makes me want to smile-cry.

I touched my Man Cub's cheeks and forehead, and watched his mouth corners twitch.

I kissed his nose. I kissed it again.

Some curls stuck to his neck with sleep sweat, others softly fluffed up on top. I ran my fingers through them and he moved his head to the other side, disturbed.

The skin under his arms holds his first wrinkles. Faint pink lines, like on his palms, in the softest white skin. With his hands above his head, one nose tucked into his elbow pit, they were mine for the tickling. A gentle two-fingered stroke. Mouth corners twitched, gentle breath intake through the nose. I smiled again, involuntarily.

He still didn't rouse. I kissed his cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, shoulder. I ran my hands over his left arm from shoulder to wrist and examined his beautiful hands, never without dirt under his nails. I kissed his perfect pout, now with bottom lip jutted out and brow wrinkled with disturbance. His nostrils flared.

He looked like Heaven.

I took in one last breath of him. One last look at the one face I want to commit to memory forever. The one face I don't want to change, but can't wait to see what it looks like next. The one face I would choose to look at every day, forever, last.

Just when I thought he couldn't get any more captivating, his long black lashes fluttered open to reveal his shiny blue eyes. Then he smiled. His big smile with twinkling eyes, dimple and baby white teeth. And I knew his feelings mirrored mine.

He flung his little arm around my neck, "Mmm... Mummy!"

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